To be the leading platform to facilitate and support Asian micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to successfully and sustainably grow globally


To provide in-depth market knowledge, tailored guidance and systemic approach to facilitate and support Asian SMEs’ global growth 

Our Story

The idea of DBiAA grew in the founder Enkhzul Orgodol (Zula)’s mind when she was working on a year-long project to produce policy recommendations for the Australian government on supporting Australian SMEs to expand their presence in the Southeast Asia, to be submitted by her client organization Australian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, during her master’s studies at the prominent Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP), back in 2015.

Although her project-mate at the time was Masahiro Kawakami, from Japan, David Wilks, another LKYSPP alumnus from Australia, was the one who encouraged Zula all the way to formally set up the Doing Business in Asia Alliance, which now has presence in Mongolia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Singapore and Hong Kong.

As the alliance was originated and is managed by policy analysts and professional advisors, it has also developed its consultancy arm – DBiAA Management Consultancy LLC to provide more holistic solutions to its target beneficiaries – the Asian SMEs.