Business Partner and Investor Matching

Starting a business, penetrating an entirely new market can be time consuming and less fruitful. We help with connecting and matching a good local partner, who is invested in you, will save time, money and heartaches in your journey of establishing yourself in a new and different country. We can be the bridge gate in the market for you.

Tailored Guidance and Support for Market Entry

Every Asian country has different requirements for business operations and most of them do not use English. That’s where we come in. Investing in an unfamiliar country can have many difficult challenges from the local norms, process, and legal landscape. From foreign business registrations, corporate services, legal services, visa processing and government relations, we can provide tailored guidance and support for your expansion in and out of Asia.

Representation Services

Some countries require mandatory local representative and address for businesses and we can ease that for you and facilitate that.

Research and Reporting

Together with local knowledge and language skills, we are able to give you access to insights that are not often available in English language resources. Besides case specific research and reporting, DBiAA also produces its unique business guides to the countries it has official presence in. Please visit the Resources page to learn more.

Export Accelerator Programs

Startups and micro, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit significantly from thoroughly thought and tried strategies, step by step guidance and one on one coaching in expanding abroad. Therefore, DBiAA has introduced and implemented Export Accelerator Programs for Asian-based SMEs to go regional across the Asia – Pacific and/or to go international into Europe. Email us if you would like to learn more about these programs.